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Radon Testing for Daycare Facilities

As Simple as 1,2,3!

1) Call 630-636-9676 to set up a no-obligation pre-test phone consultation or email us at

2) Send us a room by room layout of your school, so we can determine the rooms that need to be tested based on state protocol for your specific building layout.

3) We will conduct the testing with safe and non-invasive devices, and provide test results and a certificate of testing as required by the State of Illinois. All this while you conduct your classrooms with little to no interruption.

You take care of the kids…We’ll take care of the radon testing

Why choose Preferred Property Inspection Services, Inc?

Preferred Property Inspection Services, Inc is owned and operated by Paul Smerz, RNI 2013235, who holds the necessary credentials required by the State of Illinois to conduct radon testing for daycare centers. Paul personally coordinated and conducts radon testing at the daycare facilities. Radon testers for daycares must hold a Professional License with the State of Illinois, with a special provision for radon measurement of schools and commercial buildings. Those licensed to test radon in residential real estate transactions may not be licensed to test daycare centers. Ask for a copy of their license.

How can I be sure I am required to be tested for radon?

All daycares licensed by the State of Illinois are required to be tested for radon, although home daycares have an option of doing the testing themselves. All other state-licensed daycares are required to hire licensed professionals.

Will the radon testing disrupt my normal daycare operation?

No. Typically a minute or two is all that is required to set a radon test in a classroom. The majority of the staging and recording is done in the hallway. Special arrangement s can be made to set the test before the children come for the day, or after they leave. Pick up of the devices can an also be arranged when the children are not present.

Is the radon testing dangerous for the children in my care?

Not at all! In rooms where children are normally present, we use passive testing devices that are about the size of a coffee mug and are mounted safely out of a child’s reach with no power source required. For quality control purposes we do use an active, electric monitoring device that is typically placed in a nearby room which children do not occupy, such as an office.

How much will the radon testing cost?

The costs can vary from $500 to over $1500 depending on the number of rooms required to be tested. The cost varies with the size of the facility and the amount of the classrooms involved in the testing.

How long does it take before receive the results of the test?

The required testing time is 48 hours, but it can take longer in the event of severe storms or sustained winds that could otherwise affect the results of the testing. If adverse conditions are present during the testing period, the test may be extended. No additional costs are incurred for extending the testing periods and reports are generally available within five business days of when the testing devices are retrieved.

What if I find out the radon levels are high in my daycare?

We pride on seeing you through to the successful conclusion of your radon testing and certification. Although the State does not require mitigation for daycare centers should the results be above the IEMA-DNS action level of 4.0 pCi/L, we can provide a list of state-licensed radon mitigators in the event you would consider mitigating.


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